Site update + Personal update

Welcome to the Future

Over the long weekend, (yay for Victoria day) I managed to migrate the server from OpenBSD to Fedora Linux. It was quite the journey and took about 3 hours longer than I expected, but we're here, and we're certainly ready to party.

Aside from the goofiness that is SELinux, and a few weird firewall bugs, the transition was seamless. I'm going to act like I know what SELinux is trying to do, and based off of the 2 hours of screwing with it and sifting through the documentation, but I really don't. It seriouslys seems to me like a weirder LDAP but for security settings??? I have no idea.

Bye Vim, Hello Emacs

Since I love punishment so much, this weekend I also finally made the jump from NeoVim to Emacs. Originally, at the request of my friend, I was using Doom Emacs (which is an excellent editor), but, being the freak for pain that I am, I decided to switch over to vanilla GNU/Emacs. Luckily i'm a fairly proficient Lisper, so configuration wasn't too horrible. There were definitley some roadbumps, but overall I think I'll easily adapt over the coming days. Right now I would say i'm about 50% confident in Emacs (with Evil enabled of course), which is much better than my first few days in Vim.

What's Next?

You might have noticed the 'tunes' nav item on the top navbar recently, right now it's under construction, but I have some insider knowledge. That page is going to involve a whole new system, and a whole new domain. '' no, i'm not renting a recording studio and making techno music, it will involve user input and love for underground music. That is all I can reveal for now :D

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