Why I'm Straight Edge

I've been straight edge for almost 3 years now (May 20th, 2022 marks 3 years). I've received a few questions regarding why I've chosen to live this way and how it effects my life, etc, so I thought I should make a quick post about why I live the way that I do, and what made me decide to completely abstain from substance. Also note, I'm not a vegetarian.


I didn't grow up around drugs or alcohol like many other straight edge punks, fortunately my parents were fairly clean. I also was never an alcoholic myself, actually I've never been drunk (to my knowledge at least). So why do I live like this? Well, its actually a lot deeper to me than you'd think. I am far from religious, yet I still find faith elsewhere, for me its within music (particularly punk rock, hardcore, and metal). Punk rock to me is a lifestyle, and live music is my way of expressing my lifestyle with other like minded people. Now, if I were to introduce drugs, or alcohol into that lifestyle it would blind me to the edge and the rawness in the world that drew me to punk rock in the first place. Life to me is about experience, numbing those experiences is akin to numbing life.


Besides the fact that you'll probably live longer, your experiences will be raw and unfiltered, life may be harder at first, but you'll also grow to meet the demands of your raw life. Personal strength and overall satisfaction are the top things that straight edge punks claim they feel, and I can back that up as well. It feels great to know that I am in control, and I am the one making decisions. Overall, being straight edge is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have grown to constructively handle my personal problems and feel like a unique inhabitant of this planet. If you're seeking something that will constructively change your life, give the straight edge lifestyle a serious look.

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