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The Woes of Planning a Startup
2022-06-12 22:49:07
Site update + Personal update
2022-05-24 03:33:09
My Verdict on MacOS
2022-05-11 03:09:30
3 Hardcore Bands I've Been Into Recently
2022-05-06 03:26:57
Why I'm Straight Edge
2022-04-21 00:50:13
Installing Slackware on a Libreboot with a GNU GRUB payload
2022-04-07 19:37:42
M&B Warband mods with WSE on Linux
2022-03-30 00:35:16
Happy birthday Richard Stallman!
2022-03-16 21:43:12
How to create and host a website with NGiNX
2022-03-13 14:53:18
The web sucks.
2022-03-03 03:22:43

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